Saturday, 14 September 2013

African IQ levels so low as to make them useless in a modern technological society

Another letter to my English Member of Parliament

The following chart (The Evolution of Human Genetic and PhenotypicVariation in Africa Michael C. Campbell1 and Sarah A. Tishkoff1,2) shows how the different genetic groups of humans in Africa split from each other up to 150 thousand years ago and developed in isolation from each other.
Further, the group which was already separately developed and emerged from Africa 100 thousand years ago has again further developed separately. See link below:
(As the Published in final edited form as: Curr Biol. 2010 February23; 20(4): R166–R173. doi:  10.1016/j.cub.2009.11.050 PMCID:PMC2945812 NIHMSID: NIHMS235952)
"The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans" shows in the following chart how very different Europeans are from other subgroups.
Published in final edited form as: Science. 2009 May 22; 324(5930):1035–1044. Published online 2009 April 30. doi:0.1126/science.1172257 PMCID: PMC2947357 NIHMSID: NIHMS231118
The following link shows very low IQ results for sub Saharan Africa
Nigeria 67
Somalia 68
Congo 65
Equatorial Guinea 59
Ethiopia 63
Gabon 66
Gambia 64
Jamaica 72
Liberia 64
Why is it British Government policy to allow the mass immigration of peoples who are genetically very different to the indigenous population, and who appear to have average IQ levels so low as to make them useless in a modern technological society?
Why is there surprise when immigrants with low IQ become dependent on the state and riot when discontented with their lot?
Why aren't the British people made aware of these facts before throwing away 150 thousand years of separate genetic development?
What steps are being taken by the Government to remedy the situation?
Also sent to the British Privy Council.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The English Lose Their Capital City

I wrote the following to my English Member of Parliament.

On Sunday evening I walked along the South Bank of the Thames, almost opposite the House of Commons. The area was populated almost entirely by non ethnically English people. Perhaps you and your fellow Members of Parliament would care to take the time to see for yourself that example of an area of London that has been occupied by foreign people?
According to the 2011 Census the English population of London is now a minority 40%. I thought it had been British policy to defend the country from invasion, but it seems that as Cities of old were given over to their enemies by having their gates opened treacherously by night, the gates of the UK have been stealthily opened by an enemy within.
What policies do the Conservative Party have to correct and reverse the Labour Party policy mistakes and to reverse and repair the damage it has caused?
Is there any other real practical solution apart from the encouragement of repatriation of those immigrants who were mistakenly admitted en mass to the UK, without the express democratic consent of the English people?
Not unexpectedly,I received no reply.
If the democratic process cannot defend the English from occupation, what hope is there?